High Moisture Output CPAP Humidifier 5 Pk

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High Moisture Output CPAP Humidifier 5 PACK


  • 🥇High Moisture Output!! Slimline design.
  • 🥇Goodbye Distilled water!! – When you inhale, heat and moisture are released to humidify the air you breathe in for maximum portable comfort, eliminating the need to hunt down distilled water.
  • 🥇NO more DRY MOUTH‼️
  • 🥇Replace your Humidifier – Great for home and travel.
  • 🥇Fits standard mask and hose attachments. 22F/15M to 22M/15F connectors. Most masks and hoses.


Product description

That’s why we call it Rain Dance!

This integrated system captures exhaled heat and moisture at the point where the mask meets the tube and stores it within the HME’s medical grade bacteria resistant filter. Some inline humidification systems only prevent moisture loss. This unit provides moisture output. Great for traveling.
You enjoy the same level of breathing comfort away from home along with the added convenience of a smaller device that doesn’t require distilled water. Simply attach the HME between your mask and your standard CPAP or BiPAP tubing. After that, turn on your machine and experience a steady flow of humidified sleep therapy air. HME Filters should be changed about once every four days for best results. When using your CPAP or BiPAP the HME Filter captures heat and moisture from the air as you exhale. It then returns heat and moisture to the breathing circuit with each inhalation creating a comfortable, effective and convenient humidified breathing system.
The slim design allows the unit to stay out of your way during the night.

USAGE: To install a Heat Moisture Exchanger for therapeutic use, connect the large diameter end of the HME to your mask and the smaller diameter end to your CPAP tube. Be sure both connections are full seated and secure. Your HME is now ready for use

REPLACEMENT: Heat Moisture Exchangers should be changed as needed when humidification levels appear to drop — usually about once a week with proper storage and nightly use. When not in use HMEs should be stored a sealed plastic bag (ZipLock).

Note: Each HME is packed individually by a sterile dialysis paper bag.