CPAP Mask Cleanser Tablets by Sani Bot 60 Tabs

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  • ENJOY PROFESSIONAL DISINFECTION AT HOME: Cleaning your sleep apnea CPAP mask is necessary if you want it to remain hygienic and bacteria free. Unlike other CPAP cleaners that utilize ozone, which has been scientifically proven to be ineffective, this efficient CPAP mask cleaner uses water and powerful disinfectant tablets (included) to deliver heavy duty, medical sanitation and disinfection from the comfort of your home!
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT: Why spend your precious time trying to clean your CPAP headgear thoroughly, when you can simply use this patented, state-of-the-art disinfecting device to do the job for you? Completely automated, Sani Bot CPAP mask cleaner allows you to have a sparkling clean, sanitized breathing mask at the push of a button. Simply fill the stainless steel tank with water, add a cleansing tablet, submerge your mask, and set the 1-30 minute (full range) timer. Could it get any easier?
  • FEATURES THAT WILL HAVE YOU SINGING: Use this efficient machine to remove dirt, debris, oils and other organic residue, fast and effortlessly, without leaving any unpleasant odor such as ozone. Equipped with a sleek, touch screen panel for easier operation, a special heater function for superior cleaning and advanced disinfection, as well as a convenient drying rack for your mask, you can be sure that nasty bacteria, mold and mildew will stay away from your CPAP accessories.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR MASK TYPE: This premium quality CPAP cleaner is compatible with a wide range of mask types. If it fits in the stainless steel tank, you’re good to go! Simple as that. Tank size is 9.6 x 5.9 x 3.0 inches.


Product description

Package Quantity:60

Keep Bacteria At Bay and Breathe Safely with the #1 CPAP Device Cleaner by Sani Bot!

Do you dread the thought of having millions of harmful bacteria, viruses and nasty mold on your CPAP mask?

Would you like to have a heavy duty, sterilizing machine to ensure powerful disinfection from the comfort of your home?

Then this Sani Bot CPAP cleaner is for you!

Equipped with state-of-the art features that promise to make your CPAP mask cleaning a breeze, this efficient cleaner provides the safest and most reliable method of effortless CPAP disinfection at home.

Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Daily Cleaning – Keep Your CPAP Machine Free from Dirt, Mold and Debris, While You’re Enjoying Your Life to the Fullest!

Whether it is due to sleeping apnea or snoring, using a CPAP breathing machine is challenging enough on its own.

Unlike similar cleaners that utilize ozone (scientifically proven to be ineffective), this efficient CPAP mask cleaner utilizes plain tap water and potent cleansing tablets for easy and fast disinfection, allowing you to enjoy more free time to do the things you love to do!

Why Sani Bot CPAP Device Cleaner Is the Right for You and Your Family

Equipped with outstanding features, it is no wonder why the Sani Bot CPAP mask cleaner is the #1 choice for CPAP users everywhere:

Touch Screen Control Panel

Heater Function for advanced disinfection

Top Quality suited for medical professionals

1-30 minute full range timer

60 Powerful cleansing tablets (included)

Drying Rack for face mask

Stainless Steel Reservoir

Premium Quality Transducers for super powerful cleaning