CPAP Headgear Strap Universal most Resmed

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Color: Gray


  • ★【UNIVERSAL】Compatible with most 4-Point Connection nasal and fullface Cpap masks. The size of our cpap headgear is equivalent to a M/L size of a ResMed headgear or Standard size of a Philips Respironics headgear.
  • ★【COMFORTABLE】The innovative headgear is made of sturdy, lightweight, breathable soft fiber fabrics for extra softness. Its stretchy & smooth interior surface and stronger velcro straps that hold your mask in place, will provide you with better sleep.
  • ★【DURABLE】Our replacement CPAP ventilator headband can be washed repeatedly. And you don’t need to worry about its fraying, curling, shedding, delaminating, or other forms of degradation.
  • ★【CONVENIENT】Unhook the velcro straps of your old headgear from the mask, put the new one on in the same way, position the hole in the back of your head and tighten to keep the mask in place.
  • ★【NOTE】It includes replacement headgear ONLY. Mask is not included. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or needs.

Details: Our headgear is compatible the following Full Face & Nasal Masks and any masks with 4-point connection type : ✔ Full Face Masks: ResMed Masks: Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask Ultra Mirage Full Face CPAP Mask Philip Respironics Masks: Amara Full Face Mask Amara Gel Full Face Mask ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask Original ComfortGel Full Face Mask SleepNet Masks: Mojo Gel Full Face Mask ✔ Nasal Masks: ResMed Masks: Mirage Micro Nasal CPAP Mask Ultra Mirage II Nasal CPAP Mask Mirage Activa LT Nasal CPAP Mask Mirage Activa Nasal CPAP Mask Mirage Micro for Kids Nasal CPAP Mask Mirage SoftGel Nasal CPAP Mask Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask Philip Respironics Masks: ComfortClassic Nasal Mask Fusion Nasal Mask Select & Gel Blue Nasal Mask EasyLife Nasal Mask TrueBlue Gel Nasal Mask Profile Lite Nasal Mask Fisher & Paykel Masks: Eson Nasal Mask FlexiFit 405 Nasal Mask FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal Mask FlexiFit 407 Nasal Mask Zest Nasal Mask Lady Zest Q Nasal Mask SleepNet Masks: IQ Blue Nasal Mask MiniMe 2 Nasal Mask De Vilbiss Masks: EasyFit Nasal Mask D100, FlexSet Gel Nasal Mask Its size is equivalent to a M/L (ResMed) or STD (Respironics), but it allows adjustment with a min of 20in of head circumference at forehead level (equivalent to a 6 year old child).

CPAP Headgear Strap Universal most Resmed